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TeachSmart® Interactive Display

A complete solution with content and tools for instruction, lesson planning and progress monitoring. TeachSmart (for pre-K) and CoreFocus® (for K-1) are teacher driven technology solutions that empower teachers to create individual, pairs, small-group and large group learning experiences using the Hatch Interactive Display.

TeachSmart and CoreFocus feature more than 2,400 playful and purposeful activities available in both English and Spanish. These activities are based in the latest early learning research and help children gain the literacy and math skills they need to achieve long-term academic success. TeachSmart and CoreFocus also support fine motor, gross motor and social emotional skill development.

We ensure that your technology is installed professionally and efficiently from the start, and offer extensive training options to help customers make the most of their investment in our technology. We offer a variety of training options; instructor-led online training sessions, on-demand technology training workshops, 24/7 access to in-depth learning management system courses, on-site implementation training (minimum purchase required) and additional professional development days for your organization to purchase.

TeachSmart - 36 months and up.
Core Focus - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

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Easy and Intuitive Interface
TeachSmart and CoreFocus include an interactive Teaching Guide that clearly organizes activities by standards or skill categories. Teachers can create schedules for individuals or groups and launch a day's activities from the integrated calendar.

Designed for Educators

  • Create digital portfolios with real audio and video work samples to share with parents.
  • Plan and schedule activities for individuals, pairs, small or large groups.
  • Launch scheduled activities for each day from an integrated calendar.
  • Quickly and easily search thousands of activities by category, keyword or standard and filter by skill level, standards, outcomes and group size.

Skill Development

  • Mathematics: Counting, Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Data & Measurement and Geometry.
  • Literacy: Print Concepts, Reading Aloud, Alphabet Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Language, Storytelling and Writing.
  • Launch scheduled activities for each day from an integrated calendar.
  • Skill Connections: Games, Charts and Compare & Contrast.

Customizable Activities
Modify activities to meet the specific needs and interests the children in your classroom. Step-by-step instructions guide teachers through the process, allowing them to build activities from easy-to-use templates. Custom activities are saved and searchable.

Digital Portfolios
Teachers and students can save authentic work samples in a digital portfolio that can be revisited for assessments, IEP documentation and parent conferences. Digital portfolios allow teachers to follow a child's progress over time.

Product Support
Hatch trainers install our technology in the classroom and provide a comprehensive training during the initial setup. After installation, Hatch offers product warranty options, free lifetime access to online courses, instructional videos and live online training webinars to support ongoing professional development.