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to fuel the success of every child!

Hatch prepares early learners for success by creating play-based technologies that engage and instruct children while providing teachers with data and curricular experiences to help each child succeed.

In response to the disruption in early childhood programs and the critical need for flexibility, Hatch is connecting classroom and home learning.
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Assessing the kindergarten readiness of early learners can be challenging. Hatch simplifies assessment and provides teachers with individualized curricular experiences for all learners in your classroom.

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Hatch supplies high-quality objective data in real time, allowing for improved decision-making, progress monitoring, outcomes-based reporting, and professional development decisions.

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Kids should be kids, which means they should play. Children enjoy Hatch interactive experiences as they are covertly mastering seven domains of development and learning. All in just 30 minutes per week.

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Ignite by Hatch

Ignite by HatchTM

A powerful, research-backed learning platform that engages early learners with interactive experiences, objectively assesses skills in seven domains of development, and individualizes learning for each child.


An interactive table that helps early learners develop social-emotional skills, connect with their peers through collaborative activities, build vocabulary, and practice decision-making.

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An interactive display that helps teachers plan lessons utilizing over 1,100 research-based curricular activities, capture children’s progress with language and writing samples, and expand each child’s level of understanding.

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