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THE Dream Package
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Redesign the Way You Teach Pre-K!

The Dream Package by Hatch is a complete solution of technology that works together in the classroom to promote school readiness results (and happy teachers!). Skills learned on one piece of technology are connected with skills learned on the others. This allows children to play on Hatch technology and gives teachers access to real-time progress data on all devices which helps improve classroom instruction.

Teach Smarter
with a year's worth of activities, lesson plans, classroom management and more.

Teach Smarter
with a year's worth of activities, lesson plans, classroom management and more.

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TeachSmart is a solution that enables teachers to introduce and share math, literacy, social studies and science activities through interactive technology. All activities align with any number of national standards. This solution serves as a launchpad to increase peer-to-peer dialogue and engagement, as well as thoughtful, teacher-led activities. With easy-to-schedule activities, teachers can plan for the entire school year at once and launch the plan one day at a time!

Collaborative Play
with authentic audio samples to support execution, function, social competence and emotional skill awareness.

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WePlaySmart helps to develop positive social skills and behaviors are essential to learn at a young age. Children begin to form good relationships, get along with others, cooperate, and function in a classroom setting. These skills foster the ability for children to concentrate and fully participate in the robust learning experiences associated with cognitive development. Children that develop these social skills and behaviors often can concentrate and learn more during guided teaching instruction.

personalized play with
progress monitoring
reports in real time.

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Hatch Sync Powered by GOLD
The iStartSmart Elite learning platform provides a fun, engaging and personalized learning experience for each child on a touchscreen computer or tablet. iStartSmart Elite features games in English and Spanish that build math and literacy skills and ongoing reporting that teachers can access to monitor the progress of children as they play and learn. Going beyond pre-kindergarten skills, children can also embark on entry-level kindergarten games to further prepare them for their next steps.

Do you use GOLD®? Ask about adding HatchSync powered by GOLD® to your order.

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Happy Surprise

The Dream Package by Hatch is a promotional offer that only applies to orders shipped by June 30, 2017. The promotion includes three iStartSmart Elite Tablets, one Interactive Display and one WePlaySmart Multi-touch table. iStartSmart Elite Tablets will include a one-year subscription to the iStartSmart Elite Learning Platform software.