Let’s DO something about our ECE problem!


We’ve got a problem and the time has come to DO something about it instead of merely talking about it. Our current ECE system is a dysfunctional patchwork of programs and services: public policy and private sector engagement, without appropriate accountability. This we have known for decades. Parents remain confused, […] Read more »

Physical Literacy: Learn, Move, Achieve


You are what you believe, and your beliefs are ingrained early. According to psychologist Dr. Abigail Brenner, behaviors are set in place, in fact programmed, very early in life by parents, peers, teachers, and other important figures in a child’s life. Once “hard-wired” within our subconscious mind, these beliefs, behaviors, […] Read more »

A Super Sweet Winner Update


Remember our friends at OVCDC Porterville who won $13,000 worth of Hatch technology and STEM learning kits through Hatch’s Sweet Tech Giveaway? It’s been 4 months since our surprise reveal to their early learners and parents, so I sat down with Family Literacy Coordinator, JJ Rodriguez and teachers Paul Zito […] Read more »

Autism in Early Childhood | April Webinar Sneak Peak

Melissa Burkhardt

In celebration of Autism Awareness month, Hatch has teamed up with Melissa K. Burkhardt, M.S. Ed., BCBA to bring you our third webinar of the Spring season: “Autism in Early Childhood: Evidence-Based Practices for an Inclusive Classroom”. In this presentation, Melissa will be discussing her book Exceptionally Good Friends: Building […] Read more »

Treasure Chest of Activities | February Webinar Sneak Peek

Jenne Parks

We’re back folks! I’m always excited about a new season of #HatchExperts webinars, but I think this session is really going to take the cake. “60 Activities in 60 Minutes: A Treasure Chest of Teaching Wisdom!” is going to be a fun, fast-paced opportunity to get some great activity ideas for […] Read more »

School Readiness vs. Student Readiness | #HatchExperts Sneak Peek


I remember the first time I met Dr. Sid Gilford. It was during NAEYC 2013 in Washington DC and when he stopped by our booth I thought to myself, “Where have I seen this guy before…” and then I realized it was because I had his brand new book, Learning from […] Read more »