What is developmentally appropriate technology (for early learning classrooms)?


From my perspective, before earning a ‘gold star’ for being, “developmentally appropriate” technology has to hit several marks: Easy to use Appropriate for non-readers Has meaningful context Is informative and provides positive feedback Ensures multiple opportunities for success Allows for independent choice, control and access Has intentional focus on cognitive […] Read more »

Hatch Now Supports Windows 10!


We at Hatch wanted to let everyone know that we now support Windows 10. For those who like to do it yourself, we have a step by step guide of what you need to do to complete the upgrade here. If you would like assistance, please call tech support at […] Read more »

Where Do Your Classroom Tablets Stay?


A couple weeks ago, I went on a mission…a seemingly simple mission; a ‘big picture’ mission that I hoped would lead me to a better understanding of how teachers are successfully using technology in their classrooms. Shortly after I began my mission, I realized I was approaching things from a […] Read more »